What If I Could Show You...
How to Build Your Very Own
Windows Forensic Environment (WinFE)
Bootable Operating System in Just
20 Minutes!
Tired of spending hours to figure how to build a forensically-sound WinFE, only to end up frustrated?  
Would you like to add the ability to boot to a forensic Windows(TM) environment instead of Linux?  
Add the Windows Forensic Environment bootable system to your toolbox in minutes!

The Official WinFE Course (On Demand!)

If you want an entire course in WinFE, here it is with a huge discount!  The ebook version of Ultimate DFIR Cheat! Windows Forensic Environment is included in the course!

$125   $39.99

Ultimate DFIR Cheats! Windows Forensic Environment book!
This is the official guide on WinFE, written by Brett Shavers, one of the main developers of WinFE.  


If came here for the free ebook download, the free download period has ended. 
However, you can still take advantage of the huge discount in the Officer WinFE On Demand course!
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